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  • Move Over, Moldover and his Mojo Controller are on their Way to NAMM 2010 Afterparty

    2010 - 01.14

    Moldover has arguable coined the term ‘controllerism‘ and has made some wacky devices over the years. Now the Mojo, Moldover’s first commercially available controller will most likely be previewing at Wham Bam Thank You NAMM.  The Mojo looks like a beast of a machine with super sturdy buttons, knobs, and touch activated strips. This is a controller you can go absolutely berserk on without worrying about scratching, breaking, or denting it.  The downside? It comes with a hefty price tag of $1800. There’s been some serious discussion online about the price. And although I think the cost is somewhat justified in regards to the build quality and low production run of the Mojo, you still have to wonder how many can shell out that kind of dough for what is essentially only a midi controller. Especially when the same money can get you a much more versatile albeit less tactile JazzMutant Lemur. Nevertheless, the lucky twenty customers receiving their Mojo in March will certainly be having a lot of fun jamming on that thing. And getting laid.

    Mojo Details:

    - Works with all MIDI compatible music software
    - Includes new Moldover template for Ableton Live
    - 10 ultra-responsive touch strips
    - 24 competition-grade arcade buttons
    - Rubberized knobs, rugged faders and burly toggle switches
    - Assembled in San Francisco CA by Andy from Pance Party
    - Sexy mahogany body by Livid Instruments
    - Scratch-resistant anodized aluminum faceplate
    - Environmentally sealed twist-lock USB cable included
    - USB bus powered electronics by Hale Micro
    - Class-compliant USB device (no driver to install)
    - Free copy of Moldover’s self-titled album included
    - Will totally get you laid
    - Dimensions: 11.5″ x 18″ x 4″, 7.5lbs

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