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    2010 - 04.30


    Ingtzi maintains Glitch.CZ, a blog dedicated to Glitch Hop and other styles of experimental electronic music. In addition to hosting the Glitch.CZ Podcast, Ingtzi organizes Glitch Hop events in Prague and the United States.

    Ingtzi is a cultural hybrid often traveling between Europe and the US. He first appeared in the Prague club scene in 2005. Spending the previous few years playing alongside Sugarpill deeply influenced his tastes and performance techniques. Ingtzi added glitch and heavy bass to his acoustic appreciation, but hybridity remains key, never sticking only to a single genre or style.

    Contact: ingtzi [at] glitch.cz
    Website: Glitch.CZ
    Genres: Bass, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Electro, IDM, Pop
    Weapon of Choice: APC40 & Trigger Finger
    Location: NYC, Prague


    Claviq Valetudinarian is a 20-year-old producer from Prague, the Czech Republic, whose music has been released on Amenorea. He has also collaborated with the Czech label Case Records and leans towards glitch music, but you can also hear dubstep, fragments of spoken word, and classical music in his productions. While DJing he combines his own compositions with live vocal performances, which is a show not to be missed. Sub-bass? Sturdy bass!

    Contact: MiloshT [at] seznam.cz
    Website: Claviq
    Genres: Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Downtempo, IDM
    Weapon of Choice: Laptop, Midi Controller, Fruity Loops
    Location: Prague


    Darjeel is a 24-year-old dj from Brno.
    Although his main domain is psychedelic music -  a culture he is undoubtedly rooted in, glitch music, especially acid crunk, is his musical cream of the crop. He likes mighty beats as well as deep drones, dark forest-like melodies as well as fresh swing. Roll one up at a party and have some glitch with a hint of psychedelic flavor.

    Contact: darjeel [at] glitch.cz
    Website: Darjeel
    Genres: Psychedelic Trance, Dark Progressive, Psychill, Ambient, Glitch, Crunk, IDM
    Weapon of Choice: PC & Midi Controller
    Location: Brno





    Take one part London “hardcore continuum” (Hardcore Rave, 90′s Jungle, UK Garage, Grime, UK Funky, Dubstep) and add two parts funk, hip hop, and their estranged relatives. Old-school analogue synthesizers versus distorted wonky sounds. Dark bass lines versus sweet female vocals. Broken beats versus monotonous house rhythms. Classical vinyl DJing versus digital technology. Schizophrenia without limits.

    Contact: veleque [at] gmail.com
    Website: Myspace
    Genres: Skweee, Bass Music, Space Music, Wonky
    Weapon of Choice: Laptop, Ableton Live, Midi Controller
    Location: Prague


    The search for beauty found in errors, mistakes and imperfections. That is what the visual magic of Jakub Němeček is all about. They call it GlitchArt, a style to be found across the whole audio-visual spectrum. The essence of this artistic offshoot is noise and chaos arranged into familiar structures in a way that doesn’t break, but rather enriches the aesthetics of the final piece. If you are interested in the blurring of boundaries, tvprodukt will certainly captivate you.

    Contact: jakub [at] tvprodukt.net
    Website: tvprodukt.net
    Genres: Wonky, Glitch Hop
    Weapon of Choice: Laptop
    Location: Prague



    Wizual a.k.a Wizual Teror is a 19 year-old producer from the Czech Republic. He dove into the world of production with dubstep in early 2009 and slowly moved towards glitch hop. Wizual’s got some great remixes up on soundcloud, with many more excellent releases to come. The vision of the immediate future includes perfecting his DJing skills and spinning at various parties.

    Contact: wizual [at] hotmail.com
    Website: Wizual Teror
    Genres: Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Grime
    Weapon of Choice: PC, Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Midi Controller
    Location: Tabor


    Zlatomil is a musical sommelier from the southern tip of Moravia. The breadth of his musical tastes are wider than any vineyard. The spice of his musical strains can be either straight or broken. His multi-style sets are highly extractive, peppered with many eclectic genres, with an emphasis on story telling, a cadence for particular tracks, with an optimal volume of acidity.

    Contact: zlatomil [at] seznam.cz
    Website: Zlatomil
    Genres: Dubstep, Breaks, Bass Music, Glitch, Electro, Techno, Idm, Funk
    Weapon of Choice: PC, Midi Controllers,
    Location: Zlin/Brno







    Coming from a hip hop background, Gruzo has earned recognition through his dark blunted beats. While exploring new ways of manipulating sound he broke genre boundaries and the glitch-hop universe. Gruzo mixes heavy drums, deep bass and glitchy beeps, but melancholy still prevails as his main ingredient.

    Contact: gruzo.listen[at]gmail.com
    Website: Gruzo
    Genres: Glitch Hop, Wonky, Dubstep
    Weapon of Choice: MPD 26, laptop
    Location: Prague

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