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  • Drafter, Ninjato, Spongemagnet, Jaak De, Digitale, Stubborn, Leftchest, Verfest @ Kokpit Kafe (Prague) August 10th, 2012

    2012 - 08.09

    Holy hell! Lunchmeat is bringing some amazing glitch and bass acts from around the world to the Kokpit Kafe in Prague. Entry is only 50 Kc ($2)! That’s about two beers.

    DRAFTER: Spaced out glitch-hop producer from Caracas, Venezuela.
    As a bass player, for the rockband Cirko Vulkano, Aldo toured all over the American continent. It was early 2010 when he started the experimental solo project DRAFTER; heavily inspired by the Low End Theory podcasts and his love for synths. After many years of playing live with bands and thinking about the audience reaction it was a relief for him to make more introspective music without worrying about styles and/or feedback from the crowd. DRAFTER describes his style as experimental music based on pounding synthesized beats and low end frequency (ab)use. You can definitely hear the Southern American influences through all the bleeps and beats.


    NINJATO: Shaolin glitch master from Ghent, Belgium
    Ninjato, formerly known as Störungstelle, is heavily inspired by the sound of Doshy, Loops Haunt & Amon Tobin. Just his influences Ninjato loves heavy sound design combined with organic melodies. Add some glitch and bleeps to that and you have a definition of the sound of the Ninja. Ninjato played as a support act for Shabazz Palaces. Other artists he shared the stage with include Slugabed, Doshy, Loops Haunt, Rudi Zygadlo and more. His album ‘Chronicle of the six Samurai’ is coming out on Vinyl in September 2012.


    SPONGEMAGNET: Trosmocosmic beat duo from Brussels, Belgium
    Spongemagnet is the combined minds from Umbrelladelika’s Shepherd & Egon Fisk.
    Their sound is all about wonky beats, fonky melodies and groovy fx. They shared the stage with some of their heroes: Baconhead, Fulgeance, Sunken Foal and & Kelpe. They have a forthcoming album on Herrmutt Lobby’s Thin Consolation label.


    STUBBORN & LEFTCHEST (Caoutchou label dj’s)
    Stubborn plays a blend of bass with wonky beats, glitch-hop, broken beats and other electronic offsprings of this merge. Shared the stage with artists as DJ Food, Gramatik, Eskmo and Bobby Tank. Check out his mixtape releases on our Mixcloud page: http://www.mixcloud.com/tag/caoutchou-records/
    Leftchest is the latest addition to the Caoutchou crew. He’s been making all kinds of electronic music since 2005. Last year Leftchest started dj’ing and soon conquered stages all over Belgium, sharing the stage with artistst as Machinedrum, Aleksi Perälä, Slugabed, Montgomery Clunk. Expect a mix of spaced out glitch-hop to post dubstep & challenging electronica. http://soundcloud.com/leftchest

    Opens: 21:00
    Location: KOKPIT, Pod Bruskou 2, Praha 1


    Gladkill, Space Jesus, Sugarpill, Eyelove, Inkline @ Club 39 (NYC) August 11th, 2012

    2012 - 08.07

    Mr. Bugsly and Club 39 have gotten together to bring NYC some of the hottest acts in modern electronic dance music. This a great chance for a very accessible $10 entry with RSVP (http://bit.ly/MI7AYF) or for FREE with your Infected Mushroom ticket.

    Gladkill, the godfather of ‘lovestep’ his hitting hitting it big, opening for Bassnectar on his upcoming tour. And Sugarpill, a frequent name here on Glitch.CZ has been playing some deliciously bubbly bass for some time. This is a night not to be missed.

    We also want to send our best to Mr. Bugsley and Club 39 in their future parties. We will definitely be promoting them as they come.

    Vibesquad and Opiou will be appearing at Club 39 on the 21st of September (tickets). Ott & The All Seeing I will be playing there on October 4th.

    Club 39 – 303 W 39th St. New York, NY
    Doors: 12:00 AM

    Lost.in.the.Beats. LP by Claviq

    2012 - 07.23

    Another album brought to you by the ever prolific Claviq. His latest release features a whopping 30 tracks ranging from down-tempo to hard hitters.


    Claviq returns with familiar experimental sounds from his new EP Bladder Beats

    2012 - 06.18

    Summer’s finally here in the Czech Republic and here’s a new EP by Claviq to help us enjoy these rare, yet glorious heat waves. Claviq, a member of the Glitch family and a 22 year old producer from Prague, is back his EP called Bladder Beats. With his familiar glitchy, wonky sounds and downtempo beats, the EP includes 8 diverse tracks that are perfect for those relaxing days out in the sun.

    Track List:

    1. Padded.Carpet
    2. When.u.Near
    3. Dont.Explain (gld.u.bck.)
    4. U.say.U
    5. All.i.Can.give.u
    6. Won’t.U.
    7. Why.the.God
    8. Skip.dat.lipstick

    Click here for a sneak preview.

    Rabbit Hole with Gruzo, Claviq, and Alvin Dravin @ Chapeau Rouge (Prague) June 7th, 2012

    2012 - 06.05

    D.V.S. takes us on a journey through space with new EP “The Code”

    2012 - 05.21

    Derek VanScoten’s new EP, The Code, will surely bring you on an epic journey through time and space.  His familiar guitar rifts resonate throughout the five tracks. Each song pulsates with energy yet the tracks are all varied. The EP is a roller coaster of the glitch, wonk, drum and bass–you name it.

    The title track of the EP, The Code is very representative of D.V.S.’s style.  Glitchy background noises on top of melodious, long guitar rifts that culminate in psychedelic, spacial vibes.  If Ratatat and Pretty Lights had a baby, this would be it.

    Track List:

    1. Patrol
    2. Diesel
    3. The Code
    4. Shape of the Future
    5. Movement

    IamTrip – As It Was EP Review

    2012 - 05.07

    It takes a lot to excite me, especially since electronic music is such a fickle lover. She can take you to new places, shower you with all her attention, and offer more gifts than you can possible bare. Or she can lie there- distant and cold. You could say that music and I haven’t been talking much lately.

    That changed this morning, when an EP arrived in my inbox and hit me so hard, it was like an arrow piercing through mediocrity. You could say it succeeds by opposing the latest trends. It’s under-produced, minimalist, ambient, and although there’s a drop, it’s not the kind you would expect. But it would be an injustice to refer to the EP as simply a reaction to popular EDM.

    ‘As it was’ by IamTrip is a beautifully crafted journey through psychedelic and ambient glitch. It also confuses the living hell out of me, which is an excellent sign. I want to bask in its epic post-rock sound, mellow out to its chiller side, and dance to its beats- all within four tracks. I’ve been enjoying ‘As it was’ immensely and hope you enjoy it too.

    You can download the album for free here: http://iamtrip.se/tagged/audio

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    Daedelus & Archimedes @ MeetFactory April 27, 2012

    2012 - 04.26

    No fan of glitch music should miss the opportunity to see Daedelus live.  Prague natives, you’re in luck!  Daedelus is spinning at MeetFactory this Friday evening.  The Los Angeles producer, Alfred Darlington, has loads to offer.  Don’t miss an epic set full of glitch music, free jazz, experimental beats, and more.  And he does this all the while looking snazzy in his usual classic Victorian attire.  This guy oozes an unbeatable, distinct swag that just can’t be messed with.  On a sidenote, Glitch’s good friend Forma will be closing out the evening.


    390 czk before, 490 czk at the door

    Doors at 9pm.

    21:30 The Global Optimistic – live (GLGN + Jimmy Pé) (Gergazrec – sk)
    22:40 Daedelus – Archimedes a/v show (Ninja tune, Brainfeeder – us)
    00:00 Forma – DJ set (Lazytempo – cz)

    For more info, visit the facebook page.

    Gruzo brings us beats from outer space with new EP Peace is for Glitches

    2012 - 04.25

    “You didn’t know, that the apocalypse was here? We’re gonna die.”

    Gruzo’s back with four new tracks off his new EP Peace is for Glitches.  The tracks are composed of glitchy beats, wonky vibes, synths, drum and bass, trip hop, slow motion sequences, and more.  These experimental, out-of-this-world tunes make you feel like you’re in an inter-galactic war full of flying space rocks and sporadic light bursts.   You can even hear the lasers blasting in the distance.  The first three tracks play on each other, each referencing “Peace is for Bitches,” while the last track is an exclusive remix by Ower.

    You’ll love this is if you also like: Pretty Lights, DVS, Daft Punk’s TRON

    Give it a listen for yourself here.

    Track List:

    1. Peace is for Bitches

    2. Peace is for Glitches

    3. Bitches in Pieces

    4. Peace is for Bitches (Ower remix)




    Rabbit Hole Vol. 2 Featuring Gruzo @ Chapeau Rouge April 19th, 2012

    2012 - 04.14

    After the success of the first Rabbit Hole party last month, Gruzo presents a second edition.  Same time, same place.  This time, it’s just Gruzo, but stay tuned because next month will feature some more DJs, Glitch and others.

    Click here for more info.